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Hi Gary,
Just a quick email to say thanks for delivery of trampoline I have a very happy 6 year old he loves it.
Will definitely recommend you.
Best wishes


Hi Gary,
Love the trampoline... Boys have been out all afternoon on it... They
love their birthday present.... The Regular Trampoline is just fitting
perfectly too.. Thanks for helping out with changing our order.
Thanks again for all.


Thank you very much for your help with this, I really do appreciate it. A very happy customer!

(So far anyway - I'll come back to you after my lovely neighbours finish putting it together!! That will be fun!!

I imagine there may be some choice language! 😊).

Thanks again Gary.



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What is The Difference Between BERG In Ground & Flatground Trampolines?

IN GROUND TRAMPOLINES - sit on the ground, at ground level, and there will be a small four to six inch step up onto the trampoline. It will be required to dig a hole beneath the jump mat to allow mat clearance. The trampoline is NOT actually sunk into the ground.

See installation instructions here.

FLATGROUND TRAMPOLINES - are countersunk into the ground so that the surface of the trampoline is flush with the ground, so there is no step up onto the trampoline. Instead they are on the same level.

See full instructions here.

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"Berg are a fantastic brand, they’re probably one of the best brands around in terms of the quality.." 
Tim Sidebotham of All Round Fun featured in the The Telegraph - 9th April 2020.

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How to Install Your Rectangular Trampoline

Why Kids & Parents Love Rectangular & Oval Shape Trampolines

What shape of trampoline is best for me?

You might possibly think it doesn't matter what shape a trampoline is when it comes to ease of jumping, but you couldn't be more wrong.

Each shape has its own advantages. The choice may come down to your domestic arrangements, and the space available in your garden. With us, you have plenty of choice, since we supply three different shapes, namely: round, oval and rectangular.

What are the benefits of a rectangular trampoline?

Rectangular trampolines have an elongated surface for jumping on, so you have more control over the jumps you do, making these trampolines perfect for professional jumpers as well as practising tricks!

Also, this trampoline usually fits well in the garden, thanks to its rectangular format.

What are the benefits of an oval trampoline?

With oval trampolines you benefit from jumping on a surface which is wide and long.

Jumping is also easier to control, and you benefit from the sturdy, round shape.

The shape also means you automatically land safely in the centre of the trampoline.